Archetyper: Setup your project in one command

What it’s all about

As developers, we have all gone through the process of setting up the boilerplate and associated files like .env, Dockerfile, etc. every time we start a new project. Even though CLI’s are available for certain frameworks like ReactJS, they don’t usually include the utility files we typically need for completing the setup. Archetyper is our attempt to provide a one-line command for creating the directory structure and all the files needed for completing the setup of your project.

Key Features

  • Available as an NPM package and requires no install for running via npx
  • Simple and intuitive commands : npx archetyper create <project name> nodeJs to initialize a simple NodeJS project
  • Open source, plugins for different file and framework can be added by writing JSON config
  • Simple GUI for selecting the required components, visualizing the file and directory structure, and generating the command needed to create the structure available at Unpackaged Reviews website

How to use

  • Ensure NPM v5.2.0 or later is installed and npx command is usable in your shell of choice
  • Visit and select the components needed for your project setup and generate the command needed. (If you prefer a CLI only approach, you could install the NPM package globally and use the help command to begin)
Simple NodeJS project setup
  • Copy the npx command generated and execute it in the desired location on the shell of your choice!

What's next?!

The current alpha release of the Archetyper provides basic NodeJS and a couple of other utility files support and we plan to support at least 25 different components before hitting Beta release. The Archetyper package is developed on NodeJS and is open-sourced. We accept contributions from the amazing dev community. Please feel free to raise issues for bugs/feature requests and contribute to the code.

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