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When we are running a distributed system that spans multiple containers and data centers, we need to understand how user requests flow through these services. …

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Let’s face it, almost all web applications have some requirement for date-time handling, and choosing a library that caters to all our requirements yet is very lightweight is always a chore. MomentJS has always been the solid offering for extensive date-time management options but it is currently in maintenance mode

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Java is a strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language, which often translates to strict request, response, and data-transfer objects. It provides the developer with a clear picture of the data available for consumption in any class, but adds a lot of boilerplate code such as getters, setters, and let us not forget…

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What it’s all about

As developers, we have all gone through the process of setting up the boilerplate and associated files like .env, Dockerfile, etc. every time we start a new project. Even though CLI’s are available for certain frameworks like ReactJS, they don’t usually include the utility files we typically need for completing…

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With a plethora of options to parse CSV files/data and adding to it the inconsistency of the data present in the files, have you ever wondered about a simple and efficient package to do it for you? Presenting Papa Parse, a robust JavaScript library that is claimed to be the…

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Time management is always a hot topic for discussion and it’s no different in case of JavaScript applications! Managing date and time, especially when different formats and timezones are to be supported, requires a mature library in most applications.

MomentJS is a JavaScript library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting…

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To create rich user interfaces and experiences, CSS frameworks are used extensively. There are a number of reasons for this; firstly, it is easier to build structured layouts as most modern CSS frameworks provide tooling. …

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Ever written a method to get the time of day in GMT? or have wondered if I need to convert the time to UTC? Most applications have some common date-time manipulations which are often repeated and after some time become very difficult to maintain. To add upon this when internationalizing…

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Want to make your console look groovy and colorful? In this article we are going to go through the npm package chalk which aids in styling your terminal in a very easy and quick way!

This package is solely built for the purpose of the console and how we can…

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Let’s face it, your coding environment plays a major role in how your application operates (pun intended)! Managing environment variables is ever more important in today’s containerized and cloud native applications, be it for defining your database connection string per environment or storing your access keys. Using a .env

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